Dear Colleagues,

Enriching the knowledge of human and environmental ecosystems will enable scientists, policymakers, businesses, mass media and consumers to better understand the limit and feasibility of industrial sustainability, and respect the criteria of circular and green economy. This is the main objective of the 13rd ISCD International Congress. The grand opening of the congress, featuring on the theme of Cosmetic Dermatology for a Green Future: Myth and Reality, is going to be held in Rome University “G. Marconi” – a prestigious Simonetti-Odescalchi Palace – via Vittoria Colonna 11 in Nov 22, 2018.

All the topics addressed by well-known and multidisciplinary scientists coming from different countries. Academia and Industry, will be based on the new concept of Precision Medicine. The applications of advanced R&D studies and innovative technologies, tailored prevention and treatment strategies will be reported. Then scientists and attendants will understand and map out the interactions between environment and the human unique characteristics, including genome sequence, microbiome composition, health history, life style, and diet. For the first time, scientists from different fields and experiences from medicine to chemistry will discuss all together the necessity to make totally biodegradable products for maintaining the human wellbeing safe and guarding the environment equilibrium.

In conclusion, all the topics of this congress will report and underline the potential benefits of a green growth based on the production of drugs, food, diet supplements, cosmetics, and textiles made by the usage of waste materials with a low consumption of water and energy. And it should be useful to create innovative goods and new jobs. It will be also possible to preserve the natural raw materials and the planet biodiversity maintaining our well-being for the incoming generations.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the 2nd INDERCOS-WINTER Congress, held alongside the 13th International ISCD Congress, taking place in Crowne Plaza Roma - St. Peter's, 22 - 24 November 2018 in Rome - ITALY. The main topics of this meeting will be “Cosmetic Dermatology for a Green Future: Myth & Reality”. Through plenaries and parallel workshop sessions, we aim to share insights and experiences and discuss how advances in aesthetic dermatology. In order to success this, we have very distinctive international speakers with extensive experience and a range of expertise across aesthetic dermatology. Cosmetic dermatology is growing increasingly common in today's society. From reality television shows to magazine covers and documentaries, the public has never been more aware of the ways that cosmetic dermatology impacts patients from head to toe. Here’s the truth behind some common misconceptions about cosmetic dermatology.

The question “Could Dermatology of today be considered to have two distinct camps?” will be debated. The two camps will be considered as follows; on one side, a growing army of cosmetic/surgical dermatologists armed with fillers, Botulinum toxins and lasers with patients happy to pay for these procedures, on the other hand, medical dermatologists which provide traditional therapies to patients. We believe that in the future of Dermatology training a new combination of cosmetic and medical dermatology will form and thanks to this unique training, dermatologists will have the medical knowledge and skill necessary to safely perform many cosmetic procedures. We hope you will be together with us in this fascinating, high quality scientifically educational congress and we look forward to your precious participation and feedback.
Hong-Duo Chen Pierfrancesco Morganti Ümit Türsen Serhat İnalöz
President, ISCD Secretary General, ISCD Co- President, INDERCOS Co- President, INDERCOS