Healthy and diseased skin: Innovative Therapies and Beauty treatments

Skin and mucous barrier functions
Aging and Photoaging
Actinic keratosis
Xerotic and greasy skin
Hair disorder
Vitiligo:an update
Psoriasis: the last innovative therapies
Acne in Cosmetic dermatology
Light and laser technologies
Advance in Fillers and rejuvenation therapy
Transplantation dermatology
Nanotechnology in medical and cosmetic treatments
Food and diet in Cosmetic Dermatology

Active ingredients and carriers

Advance in Active compounds  for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use:Overview
Smart pharmaceutical and cosmetic Nanocarriers
Composite materials and tissue engineering : new technologies for medical applications,  international rules and patent application necessities.

Environmental factors and skin diseases

Material science and polymers:  innovative packaging skin-friendly  and environment-friendly
Bio-functional textile and the skin